Thursday, March 29, 2018


I've heard of some stupid accidents, but this one will no doubt hurt the Royals this season.

According to's Jeffrey Flanagan, the Royals catcher got hurt, slipping while carrying his luggage and doing some damage. Check this out:


What happened next from fans is pretty hilarious:

OK then.

Perez is a major piece of the Royals.  You gotta feel bad here for him and that team...except for when we play them of course.  MLB Trade Rumors writes:

"Perez’s accident may well lead to a career low in games played this season for the 27-year-old, who has been eminently durable throughout his Kansas City tenure. Since 2013, his first full season, Perez has appeared in no fewer than 129 games in any regular-season campaign. He logged that total last year during a season in which he hit .268/.297/.495 (103 wRC+) with a personal-best 27 home runs across 499 plate appearances. On the defensive side, Perez threw out a league-average 27 percent of would-be base stealers – a significant decline from the 48 percent he caught in 2016 – and ranked as one of Baseball Prospectus’ worst pitch framers. Statistics aside, Perez is arguably the heart and soul of the Royals, which brings value that’s impossible to quantify. "

He and Moose are the leaders.  Remember Eric Hosmer is gonzo. Same with Lorenzo Cain.

Oh well.  This is just nuts. I had to share it.

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