Thursday, March 1, 2018


It sucks to be Clint Frazier right now.

Not only is he buried under the never ending line of Yankee outfielders but now thanks to his concussion he can't even fight for a spot and try to convince the Yankees that he deserves to start when the season starts. It's frustrating and I feel bad for the guy.

In case you didn't get to see it Frazier ran into the left field fence Saturday in Bradenton and hit his head while making a falling-down catch against the Pirates. By Saturday night he started to feel foggy and had a headache on Sunday. By Monday the headaches had tapered off but on Wednesday morning the headaches returned to the point where he said he "felt like shit."

Photo: New York Post
But miraculously by Wednesday afternoon the headaches started to becomes less intense and all thanks to Russell Wilson? Yes, apparently Wilson's appearance at camp may have more benefit than we thought and it's pretty ironic actually.

If you are a football fan you know that the NFL has specific protocol when it comes to a possible concussion. You probably also know that the Seahawks were fined $100,000 for violating concussion protocol last season when they team let Russell Wilson re-enter a game after taking a hit to the head. So is it poetic or cynical that Wilson knew exactly how to help Frazier?

Photo: USA Today
It's no surprise that Wilson has more experience with this than any other athlete on the field. Supposedly drinking at least a gallon of water helped the headache start to subside again. I'm no doctor but staying hydrated certainly can't hurt the situation. I guess the guy who gets hit hard in a football game would have a lot of recovery tips for a baseball player.

Hopefully this is a start to get Frazier back in action again. When that will be exactly? No one knows yet. Frazier rode a bicycle on Tuesday but said he felt "foggy" when he tried to take batting practice. Aaron Boone said Frazier will have to go through MLB's concussion protocol (hear that, Seahawks?!) before getting back into a game and that they weren't going to rush him.

Hopefully Frazier is back in action soon. Before I forget, thanks for the tip Russell! Okay so maybe we can't convince you to quit football for baseball.....but how about a new gig on the Yankees medical staff? Conditioning coach maybe? Maybe we can revisit this when you retire from football.

--Jeana Bellezza
BYB Managing Editor
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