Tuesday, March 20, 2018


I saw Erik Boland of Newsday tweet this out yesterday and I tweeted him back... sarcastically I might add.
Now the idea of having baseball made popular globally is great, but it just seems weird to me that this even made the press.  Bottom line, the fact that there is actually a negotiation going on tells you that someone in the front office in Yankeeland, Boston and the MLB isn't jazzed about this in some capacity. Otherwise it would be a no-brainer... you just get it done.

And again, I support it... but it's a lot of work for a 2 game series across the pond.  The New York Daily News has this story:

Photo: London's Olympic Stadium
"London is calling, and the Yankees and Red Sox may be taking their rivalry across the Atlantic. The two teams are closing in on an agreement to play a two-game, regular-season series at London’s Olympic Stadium on June 29 and 30 in 2019, the Daily News confirmed.

MLB would not comment, as the deal is not yet finalized and details are still being worked out. But if it does eventually become official, it would be the first time MLB regular-season games are played in Europe.

'Really?' Aaron Boone replied when informed of the possibility. 'I’ve never been to London, so if that’s true, maybe I’m going to London.'"

Love Boone. He's growing on me. Very casual... rolls with the punches. And yeah, it will be televised and yes, we've done this thing in Japan before and the idea of getting international exposure is wonderful.

Hey... maybe I should be more excited about this.  My friends in Australia, the Moses family LOVE baseball.  They are big time followers of the Yankees.  BYB has audience in Japan... in Europe.

I defer to all of you.  This is a good thing... right?

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