Thursday, March 22, 2018


Look, I loved when the Yankees did their Sandlot re-enactment a few years ago.  I'm not gonna lie... the acting was bad, but the film is a classic and just watching our New York Yankees recite the lines was a whole lot of fun. I couldn't stop watching it.

Well... that's long gone.  Have you seen the Milwaukee Brewers do their rendition of the baseball classic?  Take a minute... watch this.

Now I know, the only guy you might recognize is Christian Yelich. Well, 2 things come to mind... One. Thank God he got out of Miami. 

Photo: Getty Images
But Two... a lot of none recognizable guys, but hey, that may be why it's so loose and good.  Who knows.

I love this rendition.

But let's compare... which do you like best? Here's the Yankee one.

OK... I still love this one too.

You tell me, what do you think?

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