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I can't take it with Greg Bird and all these injuries.  This is a guy that should way ahead now.  I keep waiting for him to get into a groove and it never happens. Drives me crazy.  Now he's got an injured foot? Come on man....

The Times-Tribune has the story...

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"The last week of spring training might have doomed Greg Bird again. Bird was scratched from a split-squad start Saturday against the Braves in Orlando, Florida, when he felt pain in his surgically repaired right ankle during warmups.

'I’m worried about it to be honest,' Yankees general manager Brian Cashman said. 'I’m not sure what we’re dealing with, but Greg, when he can’t tee it up, it’s a problem for us. He’s a vital member of our organization. ... Hopefully, if he’s going to be down, it won’t be long.'

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Results from an MRI and CT scans taken Saturday evening revealed right foot inflammation, according to the Yankees."

Look, Bird's a strong kid.  I see him getting over this, but a foot injury can be the worst.  I just hope he recovers fully.  I'm a bit startled by Cashman's quote to the press that he's worried.  That's not typical 'Yankee-speak', but hey, I guess it's honesty and I can appreciate that.

Get well soon, Birdman.

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