Monday, February 12, 2018


Thanks Derek.

Derek Jeter has fried another fish. Oops, I mean he has FIRED another fish. Why stop at just trading away all of your big names? Let's not forget firing a longtime scout with cancer, special assistant and former player Jeff Conine (known as Mr. Marlin). Now most recently he has fired the REAL big fish himself....the mascot Billy the Marlin.

So no one's job is safe is the Marlin's organization. Not even the guy playing the darn mascot! Seriously, why take it out on the nice guy playing the mascot? He must've been at the top of his mascot game for Jeter to fire him and save a few bucks because the Billy himself isn't out of a job, just the guy inside the suit.

What an odd move to make right before FanFest! In the off chance that Jeter didn't completely ostracize the entire fan base and someone even wanted to show up that was a bad move to make. He already ripped the face of the Marlins away from their fans by sending Giancarlo Stanton to us but then he fires the same guy that has been meeting and greeting fans at the ballpark for over 14 years according to SiriusXM’s Craig Mish.

Photo: Associated Press
Seriously....a 14 year veteran. The guy who has been the most accessible part of your organization and has run into the same fans multiple times in his career just dismissed with no explanation from the Marlins organization.

Photo: Sun-Sentinel
Oh, but don't worry according to the Miami Herald HERE, a new replacement attended FanFest on Saturday as Billy. This person was an experienced backup according to a Marlins spokesperson stating "multiple people play the part of the team’s mascot in the past and said one of those backups was in costume for the FanFest event." What a relief.

But seriously, Jeter has sunk to an even lower low by firing the nice mascot? The nice guy behin the long nosed smiley face doesn't even get an explanation. We've already seen how Jeter valued the players that brought fans into the he has rudely dismissed the man that brought smiles to every kid that came to the ballpark. Some people may say "so what" or "big deal" but it IS a big deal.

The guy underneath the fish suit is named John DeCicco and was let go without regret or reasoning for why Jeter decided to replace him after 14 years of dedication. This has come full circle now. Jeter has now fired people in every part that goes into a thriving franchise. He fired the man the spots the talent to help grow your franchise. He got rid of the people that made fans WANT to come to the ballpark. Now finally, he has fired the man that greeted fans in the ballpark and made memories with everyone and helped create the fan experience. So what's next?

We will never discredit Jeter the player. That man was a baseball legend. This man has lost all of those qualities as an owner. So who will Jeter fire next? This is far from over.

--Jeana Bellezza
BYB Managing Editor
Twitter: @nyprincessj

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