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Rich "Goose" Gossage is an ALL TIME GREAT New York Yankee. Do we really want to debate that? He was one of the most feared bullpen arms in the Game's history. Period.

Gossage, a HALL OF FAMER, was recently told be the Yankee brass that he is no longer welcome at the Spring Training facility in Tampa. Why? Because the Goose is old school.

He doesn't say the PC thing. He speaks his mind. He NEVER tows the company line. THAT IS PRECISELY WHAT MADE HIM THE GOOSE!! He was a fierce competitor and the Yanks were better because of it.

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And I'll go a step further, if the Boss were still running this show there would be more of the Goose in the organization...and wouldn't that be great! I, like all Yankee Faithful, love and respect the great Mariano Rivera. BUT MO AIN'T THE POPE! He was an all world closer who pitched in a different era than Gossage.

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He rarely had to go more than an inning and it most certainly help prolong a 1st ballot Hall of Fame career. Goose thinks the players today are soft...they are compared to the Bombers from the legendary BRONX ZOO of the 1970's.

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No, many of the players today wouldn't have lasted in a clubhouse with Piniella, Gossage, Nettles and Munson.

They HATED the Red Sox....actually HATED THEM. They played for blood. It was a different time, but a time that has worth.

Look, Goose is one of my childhood heroes. I have met him on a few occasions and he is truly a wonderful guy (Hell, he named my dog!). He loves the game and even more he loves that he is, and always will be a NEW YORK YANKEE.

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How does the organization always manage to look like 1st rate ass clowns with former greats? They even turned on Yogi once upon a time! Yogi!! It's disgraceful. The best thing about the Yanks is that the players come back to lend a hand and help the next class of baby bombers. Goose can teach toughness.

That Yankee Baseball is a RESULTS BASED BUSINESS! You need to bring it everyday. But I tell you what front office brain trust (COUGH! Lon COUGH! Randy) you don't get to decide who is a Yankee Legend and who isn't.

The men that wore the pinstripes do that. Rich Gossage IS, and if he wants to be in Tampa you should thank him with a smile and hearty handshake. Otherwise start wearing a batting helmet to work. Because if the Goose uncorks one up and in on Old Timer's Day it may have your name on it....

** If they had music to enter to in Goose's day, I like to think this would be his cup of tea. We love ya, Rich.  Never forget it.**

--Mike O'Hara
BYB Contributor
Twitter: @mikeyoh21

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