Tuesday, February 13, 2018


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Sometimes you have the ultimately dream job. Sometimes you don't and sometimes you leave a job you have only to get caught up in drugs.  That's former MLB Pitcher Esteban Loaiza.  ALLEGEDLY, of course.

I was going to ignore this story because it's kind of stupid. But the reality is, I'm secretly fascinated with it and wanted to bring it to your attention even though I know you've already read about it somewhere else.  It turns out Loazia became a retired pitcher and popular drug lord or kingpin or something... ALLEGEDLY.

The New York Post has the story:

"Loaiza was arrested Friday in San Diego with over 20 kilograms of cocaine and/or heroin, according to police documents. That translates to over 44 pounds of heavy drugs. Loaiza is being held in South Bay Detention Facility on $200,000 bail. His next court hearing is Wednesday.

Photo: Getty Images
According to online records, Loaiza was arrested at 6 p.m. Pacific time Friday, and also is facing felony charges of possessing and transporting a controlled substance with intent to sell."

That's a lot of dope... ALLEGEDLY.

Anyway... I wonder what happens now. I'm assuming he's toast.  No matter, he wasn't a good Yankee anyway.  Maybe that was the beginning of his downfall.

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