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That was pretty much my reaction. I got all excited to see we signed someone and then I mellowed out after I worked myself up for a big name. I know I shouldn't have but let's face it....this offseason has been boring and a boring offseason makes a VERY long winter.

It's not a "splashy" signing by any means but it is more pitching depth. According to CBSSPORTS, the Yankees have signed David Hale to a minor league deal. He does have some big league experience so I assume he has an invitation to Spring Training. I guess we wait and see if he is announced as a non-roster player. It may not be a big name but it's depth right?

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Hale is 30 now and he has only appeared in two big league games in the last two seasons. Back in the day he was a highly regarded prospect in the Braves system but since then he's been passed around from the Braves to the Rockies to the Orioles back to the Braves to the Dodgers. Last season he spent most of last season with the Dodgers Triple-A team and threw 81.2 innings with a 4.08 ERA.

So I guess the Yankees get a new veteran for our Triple-A team. Nothing wrong with that but is there more? I mean, as Spring Training gets closer the price on these available free agents continue to fall so all hope isn't lost.

Speaking of which, I found an interesting tidbit out today HERE and maybe previous reports about Yu Darvish were wrong. Maybe he's not going to make a decision this week. If he is waiting to see if the Yankees or Dodgers can clear some salary and sign him maybe he doesn't have an offer he is happy with yet. Maybe the idea of playing on a contending team is going to be what seals the deal. He's got other offers but he's still waiting. Maybe there's hope....maybe.

I know I am holding onto a giant "maybe" here but it's a nice possibility. If the Yankees could miraculously sign Darvish somehow it would at least bring an exciting end to a very dull offseason. It's February 1st for crying out loud. Pitchers and catchers report in 11 days for crying out loud!

Well, happy February. Welcome to the Yankees Hale and hopefully there is someone else to come. Cross your fingers!

--Jeana Bellezza
BYB Managing Editor
Twitter: @nyprincessj

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