Sunday, February 25, 2018


Photo: Owned by Mike O'Hara
He's a BYB writer and commentator, a former punk rocker, actor and political analyst.  And I'm proud to also say... he's my friend.

Quick note, Mike O'Hara has a new website now too.  It's pretty wild.  It's called

Photo: New York Daily News
The 21, obviously because of his obsession of his favorite New York Yankee, Paul O'Neill, but don't get it twisted, Mike's site isn't just about sports at all.

You see, what makes Mike unique is he's done it all and he's still hungry for more.  Sure, BYB is on his resume, but he was the former MLB Fan Cave host...

He's dabbled in alittle stand up...

He's an actor, in the hit show PUNK'D, in Madame Secretary, and has done a ton of other stuff.

He was in the big time punk band the Mighty Regis.

He's even done political commentary recently.

Why has he done it all? Because he can. He's a talent.

Most recently, O'Hara has taken on what many have tried to do on YouTube and social media... giving his thoughts on many topics bothering people today and literally just ranting about them in what he called the Rant O' the Day.  Get it?  

The difference however is Mike has an audience, a forum, a following to now do it and so, with alittle plug from us here at BYB, hopefully we can pass the torch to you, who will then watch it, share it, talk about him, and make him a big time star!

We like Mike O'Hara here at BYB.  In fact, I love the loyal writers I have... all of them.  They are hardworking and dedicated to the audience... you and work hard in their own lives to better themselves as individuals as well as are kind and strong people. 

And so, if there is any way I can give back to them when they need alittle push, trust me... I will. In fact, I'll always have their back.

Mike O'Hara is now a good friend of mine.  I'm damn proud to know him.

A toast to Mike... one of the good ones.  Be sure to check out his website... MIKEOHARA21.COM.

Happy Sunday.

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