Saturday, February 10, 2018


It was shocking and it really surprised me to see a note from Andrew Marchand last night on Twitter.  It turned out that for the first time in a long time, Marchand would not be at pitchers and catchers.  In fact... Marchand was leaving ESPN.

Now for a Yankee fan site like myself who depended on and appreciated guys like Andrew, it's hard to get my head around this kind of stuff. Change sucks.  Because much like Wally Matthews, Mark Feinsand and others who have left their positions at their respective companies for whatever reasons... it's weird. Mostly because we as new kids on the block in the fan site world, we like reading these guys.

I mean sure, I'm the first one to admit that I get bent out of shape when these guys stretch it a bit with their reporting, or when they call themselves 'baseball insiders' and yet, there really is no insight... I DO give some of these folk jazz. I admit that 100%.  But ultimately, it's guys like Marchand that keep folks like Bleeding Yankee Blue, Greedy Pinstripes, Section-36 going evey single day. 

Hell, I would have never started the BYB Hub, collecting a whole range of new writers if it wasn't for the likes for Marchand, Pete Caldera of the Bergen Record, Erik Boland of Newsday, Bryan Hoch of, Pete Abraham over at the Boston Globe, Jason Keidel of CBS Sports. That's my stable... and my staple to great morning reads for me. It's many of these guys that I like waking up to and reading... and yes... give them the proper plug when the story is great, or shake my fist at the screen if I don't agree.

Marchand is one of the good ones, despite our disagreements, and there is mad respect there.  When I read his note last night... I responded the only way I know how....

Best of luck to you Andrew.  No doubt your new gig as a New York Post Media Columnist will be great.  But much like when I offered to Wally... my offer stands with you too.  I know we're not top of the baseball heap, and I know you need to provide for your family... but if you wanna write something for BYB, no question we'd welcome it. It's because of people like you that we even exist.


Good Luck, friend.

American Eagle

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