Monday, January 29, 2018


Danny Espinosa is a New York Yankee. That comes from Mark Feinsand... check it out:

Now Danny is an OK player, second baseman, shortstop and he'll be fine for the Yankees as competition for an infield spot and that's all fine and good I guess.  But I know a guy that knows the Yankee way, can play second base and shortstop and was NOT signed by the Yankees... and that man is Brendan Ryan.  Why is this guy not being considered?

Photo: USA Today
Think about it.  Espinosa hit .175 in 266 at bats for the Dodgers, Rays and Mariners combined... 6 homers, 4 stolen bases and an OBP of .245. has him projected to hit .215 in 2018. Hardly a power house.

Photo: Detroit Free Press
Then you got a guy like Ryan, plays everything on the field, and last year for the Tigers in AAA he played the best shortstop of his minor league career... maybe that's because he's a damn major leaguer! Plus he can still hit better than Espinosa and still has the fire! I mean, what are we doing here, looking at age when we sign these guys now? Espinosa is 30.  Ryan's 35, yet, still pretty friggin' agile.

Photo: Detroit Free Press
Look, I'm happy the Yanks are picking up pieces... but Ryan's out there, snatch him up.  A terrific personality in the clubhouse, a hard worker and still got it!  Come on Cash, make that one happen too. Make it interesting! Guaranteed BR would be on the major league roster come Yankee opening day if they signed him.  Espinosa? I'm not so sure.

Let me guess... The Yankees liked the mustache! Is that it? Well...

Photo: Wall Street Journal
BR can do that too. Remember?

Anyway... enough from me... clearly it's personal.

Carry on.

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