Saturday, January 20, 2018


Isn't that the way it always was anyway?

I mean... it's been so long since the Yankees really signed that ever-coveted player and made the whole big announcement and the whole nine.  The fact that Giancarlo was introduced the week of the GM meetings probably REALLY pissed people off. The fact that the Yankees snagged him and wasn't supposed to because Stanton was thinking Dodgers or whatever that rumor was ticks people off just as much.  But who cares. This is the baseball offseason. 

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When the Red Sox sign a huge name, like Chris Sale or something, I get pissed too.  So yeah... the Yankees hated? Bring it.

CC Sabathia spoke about it on MLB Network, and reported by Sports Illustrated.  Here's some of that:

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"After landing Giancarlo Stanton in a monster trade this winter, the Yankees are seen once again as a wildly expensive juggernaut.

'Last year, we were the team that everybody loved, that feel-good story,' Sabathia said Thursday on MLB Network. 'But getting Giancarlo just brings us back to being that hated team. That’s what we like. We want to go out there, put the best team on the field and crush everybody every game.'”

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And lets talk about leadership by the way.  What CC Sabathia says is so true.  And I love his Captain-style rally cry... "...go out there, put the best team on the field and crush everybody every game."

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Ultimately, it's what teams need to do to be competitive. No, the Yankees won't try to sign 5 top free agents anymore because the kids are kicking butt. But what is wonderful about this new young Yankees team is that if we needed a piece, and it just so happens to be a big piece in Giancarlo Stanton... we can do it.

There is nothing more exciting to me than Spring Training 2018. I can't wait to see this team come together on the fields of Florida. It's going to be great.

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