Monday, January 8, 2018


I wasn't impressed with this alleged rumor coming out of the New York Post and Joel Sherman.  Come on Joel, you're better than this.  This isn't a rumor... it's speculation based on nothing.

Here it is. Don't yell at me, I didn't write it. Instead, I'm about to crush it. It involves the Baltimore Orioles and 'possible' interest in Jacoby Ellsbury and Ellsbury waiving his no[trade clause to go to a team out west instead... or something.  But the word 'might' annoyed me the most...

"They would love to move as much of the three years at $68.5 million owed Jacoby Ellsbury (who counts $21.9 million annually toward the luxury-tax payroll). But there are plenty of outfielders better than Ellsbury still on the market, plus Ellsbury has a no-trade clause. The Orioles actually like Ellsbury a little, but indications are he might consider waiving his no-trade to be closer to his Scottsdale, Ariz., home with maybe the Diamondbacks or Giants making some sense."

Joel Sherman can be so good, but this story is so awful.  Ellsbury MIGHT waive his no trade clause?  Why? So he can be closer to home? Really?  So, even though teams play all around the country half the season, he MIGHT waive his no trade clause so he can go home.

The Yankees have had real substance of a conversation with any team, never mind the west OR the east for that matter. Now we are just speculating "Well, he likes to be close to home, so... HE MIGHT RABBIT, HE MIGHT." 

Had to play that old cartoon. 

The point is, there's no substance. It annoys me.  Nothing's gonna happen with Ellsbury, folks.  That's because it's a bad contract.  But we knew that when we signed him.

Bottom line, we have too many outfielders.  2 of them are very expensive.  One of them is Stanton and he's gonna play.  One of them is Ellsbury who won't play as much.  He's fast, yes, but we also have Aaron Hicks who broke out last year. 

We also have Brett Gardner who is loved in New York.  And we also have the Judge... and he ain't moving.

We just have to face facts.  We're stuck with Ellsbury and we have no idea with he'd waive anything.  Might.  Give me a break.

I'll leave you with this.  In the dictionary, the word MIGHT is described as this:

"used to express possibility or make a suggestion." 

You know what's rumor? Jacoby Ellsbury WILL waive his no-trade clause for a team on the west coast.  That means movement is coming... if they can figure out how to divvy up that garbage contract.

Anyway... carry on.

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