Tuesday, January 2, 2018


I love Bryan Hoch. He's got the Yankees on lock. It's just the way it is... he's that good.

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Well, I was just reading NJ.com and saw a nugget from Hoch that they quoted. That happened because I was thinking about the whole Todd Frazier thing.  He wants a multi-year deal, but in a piece we recently put up here on BYB titled FRAZIER WOULD BE WISE TO SIGN A 1 YEAR DEAL IN NEW YORK.  I was basically pleading with him to just sign a 1 year deal because the Yankees future looks bright...

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"...that comes back to being straight with Frazier... "We like you, we want you and your expertise, but we have a ton of nice talent coming up from the minors. Teach them the ropes, lead them with your energy and if you sign a 1 year deal at $12 million and give us a nice season, we can talk more at the end of 2018."

That's it. Take it or leave it... and you know what? When Frazier hears it, and realizes we have Boone at the helm, Stanton in the lineup and a new hungry Yankee team, I really think he'd be inclined to give it a shot. And if he doesn't because his agent gets in the way... he should fire his agent and sign anyway. He can not lose, and neither can the Yanks with that deal."

But then Hoch sprung this on me (With the help of Joe Giglio of NJ.com)...

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"According to MLB.com's Bryan Hoch, there's a chance youngsters like, say, Gleyber Torres and Tyler Wade could man half of the infield on opening day in April. But don't count out a veteran arriving to provide some cover. 

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More likely, one of those positions will be manned by someone not currently in the organization. The Yankees expressed interest in the Orioles' Manny Machado and have been in contact with free agent third baseman Todd Frazier. A reunion with Eduardo Nunez is another option.

Machado's name stands out, but Nunez could represent a much more realistic and cost-effective option."

Good stuff, right?

Look, bottom line, the way I see it, it's one or 2 of the kids... it's maybe Todd Frazier. It's not Machado, and I put the Nunez talk about 20%.  That's just me.

Major speculation out there right now... God love them all.

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