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I absolutely love Todd Frazier and I am not alone.  I must get about five Tweets a day about his contributions to the team.  "He can't leave", they say.  I agree.  On Saturday, Frazier connected with the Mets fan who made him and his thumbs down logo famous and Frazier could not have been more excited.

Source: David Wexler/New York Daily News

"He's a nice guy, to finally meet him and he looks good, he's playing the part off well. He looks like an upstanding gentleman and it was nice to finally meet him,"said Frazier as reported

Recall, that it was this Met fan that help create the thumbs down campaign that may have led to the Yankees post season victories and then some- a positive culture which will be in place forever.

Source: David Wexler/New York Daily News

"It was the meme that spawned a team-wide trend. When Todd Frazier hit a home run in a Yankees-Rays game hosted at Citi Field due to the effects of Hurricane Irma in Florida last September, a fan in the stands was not pleased," reported . This fan helped to create mantra, a culture that will be with this team, long after 2017.  However, if we lose Frazier, will the team ever be the same?

As reported by in late December, "Frazier, who has made teams aware he's seeking a multi-year deal, has continued to speak with multiple clubs. It's unclear how much money he wants." Let's hope we can keep him another year and the iconic thumbs down stays as we journey toward championship 28.

--Suzie Pinstripe
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