Monday, December 18, 2017


They stir the pot a little.

The Winter meetings are over and the hot stove was in full gear and even though it's over the rumors are still flying. The Gerrit Cole and Manny Machado rumors are still flying out there but now after the Yankees won the Giancarlo Stanton sweepstakes new rumors are brewing....

The Yankees "Evil Empire" is back in action again so now maybe the Boston-New York rivalry is revived on a larger scale. If Boston has their way it just might be. After this past weekend it certainly looks like Boston may take troublemaker to a whole new level.

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According to multiple sources, most notably the Boston Globe and NESN the Yankees recent acquisition of Stanton is only going to be a temporary residence. Hmmmm....interesting angle.

So basically both publications see Stanton playing in New York for 2018 and then getting shipped off to play in LA with the Dodgers, his number one choice. Now that the Dodgers shipped Adrian Gonzalez, Brandon McCarthy, Scott Kazmir and Charlie Culberson to the Atlanta Braves on Saturday my initial thought was "Well, the Dodgers just offloaded a ton of payroll so it looks like they are going to all out to get Bryce Harper."

I still think that. The Dodgers just shed 47 million dollars in payroll and have set themselves up to comfortably get under the 2018 luxury tax threshold. I think they will throw a large amount of money at him and "sell" him on getting back close to home in Las Vegas. He will also be wooed by the idea of playing across town from Mike Trout and playing in the freeway series against the best player in baseball and being the confident guy he is.....he will probably buy into that. I really think Harper wears a Dodgers uniform next year.

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But those Boston publications see Manny Machado as the answer to their prayers and the Yankees wanting Harper over Stanton because of his left handed bat. Boston wishes the Yankees would unload Stanton to get in a bidding war with the Nationals, Dodgers and undoubtedly Boston too.

I don't know who this "longtime major force" in baseball is that NESN sites but there is already a major force with a potential hell of a trifecta in the top of the Yankee lineup that hasn't been seen in a long time. Oh and why the hell would the Dodgers send the Yankees some of their top prospects to get Stanton when they an just go spend money, keep their prospects and sign Harper who is younger? Nick Cafardo didn't think that one through...

Kim Klement/USA Today Sports
Once Stanton gets a taste of the Bronx and hitting with Aaron Judge the Dodgers may be an afterthought....just like Boston and their crazy rumors. I guess you can't blame Boston for making up BS. They are green with envy at this point.

--Jeana Bellezza
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