Friday, December 29, 2017


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Remember when I wrote that piece today about a slow few days in baseball news? It was titled THOSE FEW DAYS BEFORE NEW YEAR'S EVE WHERE NOTHING HAPPENS

Remember when I wrote:

"We are in this place in the year where the world stops. I mean sure, baseball insiders are writing their best rumors, but it's all the same stuff that's already been reported, it's just repackaged and that in turn gives them a few extra clicks until New Year's Eve."

Photo: Brett Coomer/Houston Chronicle
Now remember when Bleeding Yankee Blue wrote this story about Yu Darvish on December 21st? It was called THE YANKEES HAVE CHECKED IN ON YU DARVISH. In that piece we discussed the idea of the Yankees being interested in Darvish.  December 21st. Remember that... that's significant with the next part of this post.

It's safe to say I'm 100% right.  Jon Heyman just tricked us all again.  Because once again... a story from over a week ago is now relevant again (not at all actually) on a slow baseball news day.  My God! At least try and fool us, Jon. He writes...

"New York Yankees people do like Yu Darvish, and at a reasonable price, he will be seriously considered. It seems everyone’s strategy this year is to wait for the price to drop."

Smart BYB readers KNOW this sentences actually provides NO information.  And trust me, I understand Heyman and for the most part, he's good at what he does.  But this is just obvious that it's an old story with old information.

If something happens with Yu Darvish, we will tell you.  This isn't something.

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