Friday, December 8, 2017


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Just to keep everyone up to date on everything going on in Giancarlo Stanton's world. He's starting to reject teams... and he hasn't rejected the Yankees yet.

We wrote ONE OF STANTON'S "GREEN LIGHT" TEAMS? THE YANKEES this morning. Tonight... some updates on what teams Stanton rejected. Check out some of these tweets:

And so, both the Cardinals and the Giants were teams he originally were connected to.  Now suddenly no.  Why? And what team will it be?

ESPN has this...

Michael Owen Baker/Associated Press
"While the Los Angeles Dodgers have been mentioned as the inevitable fallback option if the Marlins are unable to trade Stanton, they're not the only big-market glamour team that intrigues the National League MVP.

A source familiar with the Stanton trade talks told ESPN's Jerry Crasnick that the New York Yankees are among Stanton's preferred destinations and that he might be open to waiving his blanket no-trade clause to go to the Bronx."

And Heyman has this now....

And that's where we are.

Carry on...

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