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This rumor has been loosely floated, but nothing is really definite or even happened. And of course, the word "rumor" is important here.  That being said, BYB has historically written about how we like Chris Archer of the Rays and even connected him to the Yanks on occasion.  Now that that's out of the way... here's that rumor, brought to you by the Sporting News first...

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"It remains to be seen whether the Rays’ front office will commit the cardinal sin of trading stars to division rivals, but if the Yankees can swing a deal for Archer, they should do it in a heartbeat."

You're looking at that sentence and saying "Well, that's not a rumor at all, it's a suggestion." Well... that's how it starts. Now here's the Pittsburgh Post Gazette:

"The Yankees offered packages of prospects and young players similar to what they are offering the Pirates to the Tampa Bay Rays, for Chris Archer...Archer, 29, is under contract through 2019 for only $13.75 million total, with club options for 2020 ($9 million) and ’21 ($11 million). He also plays for a division rival, albeit one that is retooling."

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And, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the Rays said no way.  But again... this is a rumor... and interesting.  Look, the Yankees really could use 1 top pitcher.  Not a superstar, a winner that can fall into place with the current Yankee rotation of Severino, Tanaka, CC and company.

I would LOVE to see Archer in pinstripes, but I gotta be honest here... I will bet this 'alleged' offer and talks are now officially dead, even if this report is true.

Oh well...

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