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We've been mushed!
- Sonny, A Bronx Tale

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That's the text I received from the great Mike O'Hara, actor, host, sports writer for BYB and even political personality.  The point is, his opinions matter to me, because he's a smart dude with emotion is an important part of analysis.  The Yankees got Giancarlo Stanton today. Immediately he texted me that, and for a moment, not knowing who the Yankees gave up, I felt the same way at that very moment.

If you don't know what that phrase means... let me explain. In a Bronx Tale, whenever the gangsters were trying to place bets, if Eddie Mush was around, they pretty much knew they'd lose if they bet the same as he, and so, they'd already know they were mushed before the race was done or the dice was thrown.  And if you are a true blue Yankee fan, you felt that IMMEDIATLEY... at lease Mike and I did.   Now that the details are slowing coming out about "Stanton to the Yankees", let's see how we feel later today or by Sunday.

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Right now it can confirmed that the Yankees and Marlins have made a deal. Top baseball insiders reported that. The Yankees get Stanton and from what we know... Starlin Castro will go to Miami to be the starting second baseman and replace Dee Gordon who was just traded to the Mariners.

" A source told The Post that Starlin Castro and prospects, though not top ones, make up most of the return. Neither team had announced a deal as of early Saturday morning, possibly because a physical review was still needed and that would not be a rubber stamp with Stanton, who has had injury problems throughout his career. " writes:

"While the Marlins are expected to seek several higher-level prospects in any potential deal, second baseman Starlin Castro's name has surfaced in negotiations. The 27-year-old Castro has two years and approximately $23.7 million remaining on his contract."

And I could go on and on and it's all similar. Reality is, we don't know who these prospects are yet.  We also don't know what the Yankees are paying.

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But I do find this interesting... there are mixed feelings about Stanton on the Yankees.  Not the person himself, but what he does to the dynamic of the clubhouse, worries about injury, AND, a lot of worry about who the Yankees give up prospect-wise.

Photo Credit: SB Nation
Ultimately this could be an amazing thing for the Yankees and I think we all need to sit back and wait and see.  Many are satisfied.  Stanton, Sanchez, Judge in the same lineup? Are you kidding? Yet many feel that we've been mushed.  I will wait to give my final thoughts on the deal.  I wanna see what the Yanks are giving up on the prospect front.

Steve Mitchell/USA TODAY Sports
And finally, I have to say... I feel horribly for the Miami Marlins fans.  This is a blow to that franchise.  Yes, they are in a building year and yes they are trying to cut payroll... but Stanton was a franchise player, and now, they lose a chunk in Miami.  This comment says it all...

I feel bad for the Marlins fans. I visited this summer. I loved the ballpark, I loved the fans, and I will tell you something significant... the Marlins fans LOVED Giancarlo Stanton. It's a sad, sad day for them.

I hope they can get past it.  

More to come... stay tuned...

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