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Some times you just need to tip your cap to good, hardworking people and remind them that their passion sometimes rubs off on others... and that's a good thing.

I have read Pete Caldera for years.  He is one of my favorite sports writers.  When I interviewed Pete for Bleeding Yankee Blue back in June of 2012 (read NO ONE DOES THE YANKEES BETTER THAN PETE CALDERA), it was such an honor for me because I was able to get to know a guy that I only read in the paper before that.  It was a personal success to get to know him.  

I always felt it strange that he wasn't bigger at the time. Don't misunderstand me... I mean sure, he was read daily by many, and that was a big deal... definitely to me. But Pete's a modest guy.  He doesn't self-promote. From what I can tell, he never has.  He's not one of those guys who bills himself as a 'baseball insider' or tries to fall over himself to get a rumor right and get clicks and all that stuff.  He's the 'nugget' guy as I like to call him.  I have always said that in every piece he does there is 1 thing I can pull out of it that I didn't know before.  And sure, maybe that me just liking his material... who knows.  I do know this... he's always impressed me and I've always admired him.

Pete's a friend these days and I'm grateful for that. And you know what I love about this guy most? He has a second passion that has probably kept him balanced all these years.  Caldera's a crooner too!

Photo Credit: Robert Casey / BYB
I've mentioned this on BYB a lot, but it's worth revisiting. If you have never seen the guy sing, you're missing out. He's amazing. My wife and I were able to catch him one night at the Carnegie Club together.  We had a few drinks, relaxed... I even helped Pete out with a photo portfolio of him doing his singing gig. A few of those shots are in this piece. Why? Well... because, when I believe in people and their abilities... I love to try and help. Especially if they are timid to self promote.  

Photo Credit: Robert Casey/BYB
I love seeing someone do something they love.  I appreciate it.

Since 2012 when I first interviewed Pete, he's been making a splash.  I love that.  I see that he's very active on Twitter these days.  Here's a few fun ones...

Using social media is good for Pete because he's literally and casually reinventing himself in a now stale newspaper world. Pete's big time!

And yeah, He's even doing the whole video blog thing, talking to his audience directly, as well as writing for the Bergen Record, something he is already a huge success at.  And I like it. Check this out...

Bottom line, this year on Bleeding Yankee Blue, I'd like to tip my cap to my favorite person of 2017. Pete Caldera... a great singer, an awesome writer and someone that everyone likes.

If you don't know Pete and his work... check it out.  No one better in the industry, and trust me, he's not gonna tell you about himself, so I might as well help my buddy out!

Happy New Year's Pete.  Don't get mad! It's something I needed to do. 

You're getting better and better every day, pal!

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