Sunday, December 31, 2017


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Looks like the Marlins are getting bites on Christian Yelich.  And if I'm Yelich, I am packing my bags A.S.A.M.F.P.  (if you don't know what that means... google it.)

Clark Spencer of the Miami Herald has this...

Now, the Phillies are a loser right now, but knowing everything that has gone on in Miami, there are 2 things that are possible...

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For one, Yelich could be the leader of that Marlins club in a rebuilding year and stick around with his fingers crossed hoping Jeter can turn it around.  For 2... Yelich could just be super frustrated and ask to get the hell out of there.

Photo: Miami Herald
Prospects will be intriguing to Jeter. I'd be really curious to see if the Phillies do something like this and if the Marlins bite.

I have stated here on BYB that I am disappointed with the way Derek Jeter and company has dealt with a franchise like Miami that literally has nothing.  The drastic quickness of his moves look as though he has no regard for anything in that franchise.  I think personally there is a better, smarter way to dismantle a club without destroying it's fan base in the same swift motion.  But hey... I'm a writer, not an owner.  What do I know? It's my opinion.

I do know that Yelich isn't thrilled... especially with Stanton and Ozuna shipped out.  But we shall see what happens next with this rumor.

We'll keep you updated... keep checking here on BYB.

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