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I got killed by comments and emails about a week ago. I even received a threat when I printed THE GRINCH OF MIAMI referred to some of the terrible moves that I thought Derek Jeter was making as Marlins owner.  I was told I was too hard on him. I was told I was an a-hole, a joke, lame, idiotic... and the reality was, I never told anyone I hated Derek. I merely told the world that I was disappointed in the way he handled that Marlins team.  'It wasn't a great start' I thought, and that was before he ever traded away Giancarlo Stanton.

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Today, many, many people are going after Derek Jeter for letting Stanton be traded to the Yankees. Now look, I would suggest that it had to be done if you were a Marlins owner, but because Stanton is (er, was) the franchise player of the Marlins, this trade hurts like hell if you're a Marlins fan.  Not Yelich... not Bour... Stanton was the franchise player. 

"Without Stanton, why be a Marlins fan?"  That was a text sent from my buddy who lives a town over from Marlins Park. And I get it, but if you are a fan, you kind of have to move on.  I think it will be hard, and I feel for the Marlins fans very, very much, but over time, a true fan moves on...if you choose to be a Marlins fan after today.  But again... I get it...I would hurt just like many of the Miami fans are. I would be like if the Yankees traded Jeter away after they won it all in 1998 or something. It's a blow to the franchise and a blow to the fan base.

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Fans get mad and fans are very angry with Derek Jeter right now.  But there is no conspiracy here. No collusion. Jeter didn't purposely become Marlins owner because he wanted to trade away their key pieces to the Yankees, his old team.  This was about Derek.  Derek knew he had to cut payroll or the franchise would eventually have to fold. That's one. Two, he also knew that he needed to make a name for himself behind the phrase, "this is business."  Well... sadly, for Miami Marlins fans... this was bad business in their view, and I wonder if they'll ever get over it. If I was a Marlins fan, I'd cancel my season tickets.  I'd be devastated and not patient enough to wait for the team to turn it around, but that's just me...

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Many thought Jeffery Loria was bad.  Some would suggest Jeter is worse.  But I would venture to say that you can probably blame Loria for the move Derek Jeter made today.  It's not totally Jeter's fault in many regards... he's cleaning up a Loria mess.

It's funny how we've now come full circle though.  Some of the same people that blasted me for my story from a week ago, are now acting as I did when I called Derek the Grinch.  Amazing.

I wanted to share the backlash Jeter is receiving. I also don't think it's very fair... some of this is hate folks... not necessary.  Strap in...

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Nasty... and


I stand with Marlins fans today.  I feel for you and love your ballpark, love your players and appreciate you all as fans.  I'm sorry this happened to your team.  I hope it will soon turn around.  You will always have a Marlins supporter in me.

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