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Win. Win.

Look, Todd Frazier is a great guy, and fun, and still has a decent bat and solid glove. But it's his energy that is what Yankee fans really fell in love with last fall.  And so, with the Yankees really looking to sign at least 1 more starting pitcher, and Frazier doesn't do that... it may be tough to bring back Todd. Especially with the Yanks wanting to keep under $197 million.

But again, we all like Frazier, and while energy and morale doesn't qualify for a multi-year deal, which is what Todd Frazier wants... it may be worth a sit down with the guy and just be straight with him and say, "Hey, you made $12 million last year. We'll give you a 1 year deal at the same price."  And that's it.

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If he walks, he walks.  We have plans, and Frazier may not be in them.

Anyway... Kuty writes this:

"The Yankees and Frazier would appear to be a fit, but at what cost? The Yankees have holes at third base and second base. General manager Brian Cashman has said the team could look internally to fill the positions.

Those options include three promising youngsters with little-to-no big-league experience (top prospect Gleyber Torres, a shortstop; third baseman Miguel Andujar; and utility man Tyler Wade) and experienced major-league utility man Ronald Torreyes. But the Yankees could prefer to fill at least one of the slots with someone more experienced, considering its early standing as a favorite to win the American League East."

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And that comes back to being straight with Frazier... "We like you, we want you and your expertise, but we have a ton of nice talent coming up from the minors.  Teach them the ropes, lead them with your energy and if you sign a 1 year deal at $12 million and give us a nice season, we can talk more at the end of 2018."

That's it.  Take it or leave it... and you know what? When Frazier hears it, and realizes we have Boone at the helm, Stanton in the lineup and a new hungry Yankee team, I really think he'd be inclined to give it a shot. And if he doesn't because his agent gets in the way... he should fire his agent and sign anyway.  He can not lose, and neither can the Yanks with that deal.

Win. Win.  Thumbs down... all that stuff.

What do you say Todd?

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