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Source: David Banks/Getty Images North America
Everyone is sue happy.  I'm not saying lawsuit's aren't warranted.  I'm saying that there are creative ways to do it, and you can pretty much sue a ham sandwich if you want to.  Some lawsuits are thrown out... some run their course.  I actually think Dustin Fowler has a case.

Remember when Dustin Fowler made his debut with the Yankees and literally got hurt after being on the field a few minutes?  Well, he's suing because of that.

Source: David Banks/Getty Images North America
The New York Post has the story:

"Fowler, who ruptured his patellar tendon when crashing into the wall to make a catch in foul territory at Chicago’s Guaranteed Rate Field on June 29, is suing the White Sox and the Illinois Sports Facilities Authority, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

(Photo: AP)
The outfielder, since traded to the Athletics in the Sonny Gray deal, filed the lawsuit Friday, claiming negligence “in not securing the unpadded electrical box he collided with.” Fowler attempted to get up on the warning track after the collision, but his right leg collapsed.

The 22-year-old was supposed to record his first major league at-bat the next half-inning but underwent emergency surgery that night instead. "

You gotta wonder what happens to Fowler's career.  Hopefully he can come around and be a productive player.  Let's not forget us Yankee fans were excited for him. After that night, everything changed.  Sad... but I will continue to root for him however.

We'll keep you posted on this lawsuit.

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