Thursday, December 7, 2017


Source: Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images North America
Incredible what's going on down there in Florida with the Marlins.  Now comes word that Dee Gordon has been traded.  That comes from Ken Rosenthal who I guess was reporting from Jim Bowden at Sirius/XM.  Check it out:

Now that's a good player the Marlins just gave up. 

In return the Marlins get righty pitcher Nick Neidert.

I wonder if Jeter will still try and move Stanton.  I also wonder just how thrilled the Marlins fans feel about all this.


Now many Yankee fans will read this and say "who cares".  To that I say, educate yourself.  There are lot of trades and names in prospect world you may not know or be interested in, but reality is... get to know all these guys.  Baseball has a ton of them, and it's just cool and interesting to try and keep up with the trades and these young players.


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