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I haven't been this excited by the Yankees since...since probably 2009.  Now that's not to say that Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera didn't excite me, because they did.  They dulled the pain of going without...the championship drought.  And when those icons exited the Bronx, it left this empty feeling.  I knew we weren't good enough to win, everyone knew.  Then we began to build from within, a new business model revisited.  And yesterday, CC Sabathia stated what we all felt after the 2017 season- The Yankees are going to win this year; and Sabathia wants to be a part of it!

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As ESPN reported last evening, "CC feels there's unfinished business to attend to," agent Kyle Thousand of Roc Nation Sports told "There were competitive offers that CC was weighing, but in the end, CC wanted to come back and win a championship with the Yankees. He loves his teammates, the clubhouse and the moves the Yankees are making. He wants to bring home another championship to the Yankee fans."

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Sabathia has found a home in New York, a home he has built since 2009 and it would take much more than wooing from the Angels and Blue Jays to make Sabathia uproot himself and his family.

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"Sabathia has had to overcome so much in pinstripes, from his battle with alcoholism to having to rediscover himself as a pitcher. He may not be making $25 million anymore, but this was the perfect compromise between player and team, a lower but more than fair offer that allows Sabathia to continue on the mound for the only franchise he wants to play for," reported the NY Daily News.


The Sabathia signing is a win-win for both the pitcher and the Yankees.  The Yankees continue to reap the benefits of a leader in the clubhouse and veteran pitcher in the rotation and Sabathia stays where he has always wanted to pitch.  After all, the Yankees and Sabathia have to attend to unfinished business in 2018 as they seek to bring home a championship back to the Bronx.

--Suzie Pinstripe
BYB Managing Editor
Twitter: @suzieprof

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