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Oh those returning "Evil Empire" remarks are back and more relevant than ever in recent years AND I AM LOVING IT! Seriously....this is one hell of an early Christmas present as far as I am concerned. Santa came down the chimney early this year for the Yankees all thanks to THE GRINCH OF MIAMI and all Cashman had to do was sit and wait!

I've said it before and I will say it again, Cashman is a damn genius. He's sitting back listening to his DJ Khaled "All I do is win" in his office chair dancing because BRIAN CASHMAN WINS AGAIN! He has a new five year deal and he STOLE the National League MVP. He just fell into his is how I see it:

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The Marlins made a HUGE mistake with how they handled Giancarlo Stanton and now they will be remembered for being caught with their pants down. How embarrassing. In the Marlin's eyes, $295 million of their $400 million debt is tied up in Stanton's contract and they need to get rid of that. I get that much but here is what the Marlins should've done but didn't....actually talk to Stanton. He deserved the honesty and transparency.

"Hey Stanton. As you know the franchise is going in a new direction. You have been extremely important to the franchise and our fan base but we need to free up money and that means moving you to another team. Tell me where you would okay a trade to so we can make this happen."

Something along those lines. It would have avoided the next two blunders. The Marlin's jumped the gun and worked out deals with both the St. Louis Cardinals and San Francisco Giants. Both teams are anxiously thinking Stanton wants to play for them and ready to move.....but he wasn't! The Marlin's made an assumption, and a bad one because Stanton quickly vetoed both proposals. What a giant waste of time and pretty embarrassing for everyone involved.

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So after finally realizing that Stanton has four teams he would revoke his no trade clause for there was a quick process of elimination.

1. Chicago Cubs - Unlikely
2. Houston Astros - Just a flat "NO."
3. L.A Dodgers - Stanton's childhood favorite, but the Dodgers are not interested in adding anymore payroll after spending $244 million last season.
4. Yankees - Everyone else passed so no competition! OK, we are listening...

And just like that, Stanton practically falls into Cashman's lap. He didn't have to do anything at all but wait for the call. Looks like Cashman did Derek Jeter a solid by taking on a hefty contract from a financially crippled and sinking franchise. No one else was going to do it, the Marlin's had no other options. Their leverage was gone and the Yankees have a lethal bat to add into an already strong lineup. The Yankees have an insane 2-3-4 combination coming in the lineup that will scare ANY pitcher.

So as excited as I am bout this....don't think our own guys aren't equally as excited. As soon as the news broke Yankees began tweeting about it.

And a big HAHA to Didi Gregorius on that one. We are excited....and our boys are excited. Ya gotta love baseball!

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So have fun with the Angels Shohei Ohtani. Suddenly, your choice doesn't hurt anymore. Brian Cashman is a freaking genius and the Red Sox must be shaking in their boots right now and looking for a response. So thanks fact, can anyone send me his address? I'd like to send him a big THANK YOU card and a Christmas Card too.

--Jeana Bellezza
BYB Managing Editor
Twitter: @nyprincessj

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