Thursday, December 7, 2017


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I was very impressed when I read that Carlos Beltran pretty much endorsed Aaron Boone to be the Yankees manager.  No sour grapes, jealousy, none of that.

Newsday's Neil Best writes:

Photo: Newsday
"Carlos Beltran technically lost the Yankees manager race to Aaron Boone, but he endorsed the team’s decision, citing Boone’s personality, baseball knowledge and family pedigree.

'He’s going to do a good job for them, definitely,' Beltran, a former Met and Yankee, said on Tuesday at Barclays Center before accepting the Hope Award from Sports Illustrated for his work in his native Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria.

'I personally know him and I wish him the best. I just hope he puts together a good group of coaches to help him out and make decisions . . . There is a high standard about being the Yankee manager. After being able to miss the World Series by one game [last season], fans are expecting a lot of positive things, which is great. It’s a good challenge for a manager.'"

I also found something interesting in that piece.  Boone's 44 and Beltran is 40.

I actually thought Boone was younger... he looks younger... inexperienced.... all of that.  I was rooting for Beltran for the Manager gig. I still don't know how I feel about Boone.  I guess the jury is still out.

I will say this... we are getting a lot of email and comments from Yankee fans not too thrilled about the pick.  I will post a very well written letter about Boone sometime between tomorrow and Sunday about it from a fan. It's a great comment and something worth reporting.  The person's name will be held back, but you gotta read that letter.  It's coming, promise.

Anyway... Beltran. Class Act! Seriously.

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