Friday, December 8, 2017


As you all know, I'm sick of trolls.  I love intelligent dialog. I hate when geniuses have it all figured out, don't debate me, but rather name call, treat me like I'm 16 and basically act like I'm the one who has it all wrong. IT'S OPINION here at BYB. We don't claim to always be right. We are trying to spark spirited debate and have good, solid conversation. That's it.

BYB was built on love.  We have many, many readers who have intelligent give and take and we never hate. Instead, we have a banter, agree... disagree and then we move on.  In the end, there's a respect for each other.  Bottom line, I like respect.

Meet Bonenfant Fred. Clearly not his real name, because Hell, why use your real name when you troll people? It's stupid. Remember Nick? He's below...

We shared his genius intelligence in STANDING UP TO TROLLS & LOVIN' THE #BYBHUB. Don't worry, we're past him. On to a new one...

Bonenfant Fred didn't like Bleeding Yankee Blue's controversial piece THE GRINCH OF MIAMI starring his boyfriend, Derek Jeter. 

And so, in the dead of night, he commented this.  I noticed... and I followed up with him.

And so. Once again, it's really pathetic that know-it-all readers don't try to engage in a healthy way.  Instead, they gotta hate, and as I have told many of you... I'm tired of it. And so, I will call every single troll out on BYB from now on.

Sure, I had some hard opinions on Derek Jeter and how he's dealing with Miami. But 2 things are at play here. For 1, I am not a hater. 2... I report accurately. I have integrity.... and I will always give you the correct story and NEVER LIE.

Bonenfant Fred? He's not that bright.  He should delete his account...just like our pal Nick did.

Happy Friday.

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