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Dave Roberts...2016 MLB Manager of the Year, a title the Dodgers' manager is a contender for this year as well.  He was "plucked from a broad pool of candidates", unexpectedly two years ago, a move that has served the growing franchise very well.  Perhaps it is all in the job description, one that the NY Times says could read like this, " a mega market, a marquee franchise and an immediate World Series contender looking for a deeply engaged clubhouse presence."  I like that sound of that.  How about you?

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As the Times reports, "While Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman promised a diverse group of candidates for his club, he was mum on many of the qualities he is looking for in a manager. But his main reason for not wanting Joe Girardi back was that he preferred someone with a deeper, stronger connection to his young players."  This connection is one that age really does not play into; it is more about the relationships this millennial-focused manager brings to the clubhouse.  Perhaps he is a playful guy who can engage young players in chess, cribbage, or banter on Instagram.

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"It should be noted that last year’s World Series managers — the Cleveland Indians’ Terry Francona, 58, who regularly plays cribbage with his players, and the Chicago Cubs’ Joe Maddon, 63, who dresses up in costume along with his players — had no problem engaging players young enough to be their grandsons."  Grandpa Yankee Manager may represent the type of mentor the Bombers need to carry them into the postseason, with more than just stress and statistics.  He needs to have a certain chemistry that keeps the players loose, calm but focused on one thing: Winning!


"During his hour-plus long chat with reporters on Monday, Cashman mentioned that it wasn’t a requirement for his next manager to have had a previous connection to him. External candidates will be considered as well as those with no previous managerial experience," reported


And with the MLB GM Meetings less than a week away, sources say that Yankees will not have a manager in place until the Winter Meetings, which is less than a month away.  I hope the job description grabs a great baseball mind with an calm spirit to take the helm of what could be a new dynasty of championships in the Bronx.

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