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I'm having a hard time with all of this.  You know me.  For quite a while now I've been one of the writers that have voiced my opinion about steroid users in baseball and how it's a terrible thing to see.  My reason was simple; as my children get older, they ask questions.  As my kids get older and I teach them about cheating and performance in baseball and sports and the right from wrong and all of that, it was getting more difficult to explain to them, especially my now 15 year old. It's hard to explain to a young baseball player that many athletes use steroids and HGH to get ahead in this game, but he cannot.  It's a hard thing to explain to a kid, because for far too long they were taught about NOT cheating... and now their heroes are doing exactly that.

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This whole thing about Joe Morgan writing a letter to voters lobbying them to not vote in candidates tied to steroids is interesting. No... it's fascinating.  Because what I've seen over the past few days is some of the biggest cry babies in the baseball writing complaining.  And these writers are people that I have long respected.  Writers that... I don't know... think they deserve an apology or are "insulted" because a letter like that went out to them in the first place.

Let me say that Joe Morgan was a dynamic ballplayer.  He also happens to be Vice Chairman of the board of directors for the Hall of Fame. But here's another part of it;  He doesn't want the Hall tainted.  That comes from him being one of those old timers who doesn't like what he's seeing in this game either.  But here's the other significant part to this.... it's a request from Morgan. It's an opinion, just like opinions from you and I or any of these baseball writers out there that are lucky enough to cast votes and decide who belongs and who doesn't when it comes to the Hall of Fame.

Reading Joel Sherman of the New York Post who I have for a long time respected, made my mouth drop open.  Here's some of it:

"...The baseball Hall of Fame, more than every other Hall combined, is the most meaningful and cherished by its fans. The debate and furor surrounding who gets in and who doesn’t is more intense than most major political elections in this country. It means people care. It also means that, like everything else in this nation’s life now, it is polarizing.

There are no easy answers for how to cast a vote. The passion of those who line up on the side of 'just vote for the best players regardless of confessions or innuendo' is as powerful as those opposed. If you are a voter — and I am — you are going to be called an idiot and/or soulless by lots and lots of people. This is part of the deal now. If you can’t take it, don’t vote. I would rather have the fervor that shows how important this is to people than have indifference."

But what Sherman doesn't seem the realize is the voters aren't some elite class. They were allowed the duty of voting, and they should do exactly that.  And this is going to sound cruel... I DON'T CARE HOW YOU FEEL ABOUT BEING RIPPED AFTER YOU MAKE A VOTE. It's the role you were lucky enough to have. So while Sherman suggests that "if you can't take it, don't vote", he continues to complain about being ridiculed like he deserves a medal.  It's either one of the other Joel. I'm surprised by that. That being said, this too will pass. I'm disappointed in Joel, but I'll get over it.

And this Jeff Passan "I quit" garbage is laughable. Did you see this?

That's right. He's doing something noble or something deciding to give up his vote. No one cares Jeff.  No one cares. Someone else will gladly take over. I'm not losing sleep, but I imagine you will one day regret that move.

I like Jeff.  I'm surprised he'd put down his sword so easily.  It shows weakness. It shows defeat.  These are writers that I've looked at for years for guidance and hints on how to perform and develop into a well read publication... and when it gets too hard, they wanna quit? THIS IS THE OCCUPATION YOU CHOSE. It's not all sunshine and rainbows and you know that. Not everyone will agree with you... where the hell are you running?

Tell me how to take over your duty of voting for the Baseball Hall of Fame, because I will gladly take it over.  This is something only fools do.  Stop it.

Joe Morgan can say whatever the hell he wants.  It's his opinion.  But what these whiny writers are forgetting is that for years their opinion, while many agree and many more don't meant something.  There was dialog! They sparked debate and they had some banter with their audience. And when it comes to the voting, they did what they thought was the right vote each season and while I would bitch and moan every single year... that's the game.  That's what the give-and-take is with baseball fans. We all know this. So complaining that it's HARD and that they CAN'T do it anymore is silly.

If I'm receiving that letter from Joe Morgan, I'm smarter than this. I'm sitting on it for a few days. Maybe I craft my own letter back to him appreciating his concerns and thanking him for starting this conversation in baseball once again.  But then... I'm moving on with my life.  Why? Because Morgan is entitled to his request. 

He's been around for a long, long time.  He's allowed to speak out... he's owed that.  But these writers? They forget just how much power they have in this game and especially with this exercise.  What they should have done was ignored this and moved on.  Instead, they're looking for sympathy from admirers like me, tying to put Morgan on blast publicly and you know what? I don't care.

Do your job... and in Jeff's situation, I guess you give up. Whatever ,man.  For a long, long time I admired the strength of these baseball writers / critics.  Now I see people like Morgan are weeding them out.  It's disappointing as an aspiring journalist, and it opens my eyes a lot.  The same folks who write opinion all day can't see the big picture; ultimately Morgan's concern is nothing more than an opinion.  Not a demand. Not an order... AN OPINION. Deceiver, guys... and stop whining.

In the end, being able to vote for the Hall of Fame is a very nice privilege.  But don't act like you're a God because of that duty. Instead, embrace it... and for the love of everything holy... take the responsibility and EVERYTHING THAT COMES WITH IT... and vote.

No one is gonna die, and fans like me always get over it.  Sure, some of us may not like who you vote in, but so what.  That's the responsibility of what you do.

And to Jeff Passan... seriously... if you don't want the duty any more, tell me who I need to talk to and I'll gladly take your spot.  Walking away is ridiculous and you of all people know that in the business you're in, this gimmick will only make you look smaller in the eyes of your critics and fans... and that's not you.

Be Read. Get Known.

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