Saturday, November 4, 2017


Photo of Bob Klapisch
I hate big business because I hate to see how they are constantly worried about their bottom line and not about the hardworking people that go into the product.  You could have a great player, hard worker, top writer that an audience falls in love with, but behind closed doors a company looks at their charts and numbers and says, "Yeah, that guy's good, but we need to save a few bucks and if we remove him... that saves us."

Now I can't say that's exactly how it went down, but I do know this... another fantastic writer has been cut, not because he wasn't delivering... but because a company just needed to save a few bucks.

Iconic to some or not... and he kind of is to me... Bob Klapisch is no longer writing for the Bergen Record... and that sucks, because for as long as I have admired guys like Jack Curry and Pete Caldera... Bob Klapisch has always been in the reading mix for me. And trust me, I don't always agree with Bob, but that's what makes Klap great. He would get my blood boiling one day, or get me smiling the next, agreeing or disagreeing almost every day.... and that was Bob.  And I looked forward to it and appreciated it. 

For a guy like me that is able to speak my mind on my own Yankee fan site of Bleeding Yankee Blue, manage writers, interacting with literary heroes through this journey... when I read Bob's tweet yesterday... it blew me away...
And I love to see the others who sent him notes... me included, because big or not... for me, I am a part of this writing family in some way now.  Check these out....

Writing is a family.  Most of these writers travel around the country together all season long and they become friendly.  I admire it, it's a grind. Heck, I've become friendly with some these guys... and I appreciate that because I love what they do.

People ask me who I look up to in my life, even at my age of 46.  It's not baseball players or politicans or actors... it's real people.  It's my parents... it's a coach that inspired me to work hard in my life... and it's guys like Klapisch that were passionate about what they do and rose to the occasion to become well established and successful in his craft. 

I often speak of writers here at BYB... because it was because of them that I took a leap and tried to make something here at BYB.  It's a sad day in the news business... but no doubt Klapisch will keep grinding like he always has.

I tip my cap to one of the best. You will rise again like you have always done. Thanks for keeping guys like me passionate.

Hey Bob... if you wanna go "blog world"... let me know, I can take you here immediately at BYB! We'd love to have you.

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