Saturday, November 18, 2017


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It was reported this week, but Bleeding Yankee Blue didn't even report it... until now.

Chris Woodward, a former Blue Jays and Dodgers coach is being considered by the New York Yankees this week as a potential manager.  I know... you have no idea who it is. I remember him as a player.  I can't say I remembered him right away when this story was first reported. But I became familiar again.  Well... I call him Woody.

Mark Feinsand tweeted this about the idea:

Now the question really becomes... does this guy have a shot? We're talking about the New York Yankees here.  You need to almost have you're own star in this city or in baseball in general.  It's high stakes.  I'm willing to give the idea a shot, I just don't know if this is something the Yankees are serious about, or if they just wanna cast a wide net and see if there are any hidden gems out there.

Meanwhile the press has been kind to Aaron Boone, and his agent has been working hard, blasting all media with Boone news pretty much anointing him the new Yankee manager even though nothing has been determined yet. 

The New York Daily News has a headline that says he's ready: AARON BOONE HAS  BEEN PREPARING TO BE AN MLB MANAGER HIS ENTIRE LIFE.  Wow... I have literally NEVER heard the come our of his mouth.

Well, we'll see. Obviously the Yankees are trying to move quickly here, while being surgical in their decision.  So many names... who's it gonna be?

Stay tuned...

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