Monday, November 13, 2017


I was looking through my old emails, trying to clean out all the old, unneeded stuff. You know how it is, emails pile up and they're annoying.

Well, I came across this classic from one of the old P.R. guys over at the Charleston RiverDogs.  As you may or may not know, Bleeding Yankee Blue has a great relationship with those peeps over at the RiverDogs, and we got some great interviews from Yankee prospects there because they are so accommodating to us.  Well... looking through my old emails, I stumbled across this gem, and had to share it...

It started like this:


"What do we need to do to get an interview with Aaron Judge. I'd love to profile him on Bleeding Yankee Blue for an interview.


Robert Casey"

Then I got this:


"Hey Robert -

I can get Aaron on the phone with you tomorrow sometime if that works for you. After batting practice around 6 o'clock ET...does that work?"

Then I wrote this the next day:


"Can you call me? I cannot commit to an interview at 6pm."

After a phone call, and a few more exchanges, and trying to nail it down... something happened.  Judge was promoted, and with that promotion, the quest to nail down Judge for an interview as a Riverdog died. 

You see, as players go through the ranks, it gets more difficult to nail down interviews.  There are ways to do it, but my writers and I are regular people.  We can't be jumping through 100 hoops all while raising our kids and working full time jobs.  And so, what I should have said was "Yes, that's perfect, let's do it"... but I hedged... and I blew it.

Look, one day BYB hopes to get that interview with Judge.  Looking back at this email exchange, it hurts like hell.  We should have got it for all of you.

Anyway... It's fun stuff, right? BYB readers have no idea what we go through to get this stuff done.  I'm just sorry I couldn't nail this one down.  

Oh well.

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