Saturday, November 4, 2017


I wrote this early yesterday morning in WILL TANAKA OPT OUT?...

Source: Abbie Parr/Getty Images North America
"He won't, and I'll tell you why.  Because if he does, he leaves over $60 million out there.  And believe me, despite how well he pitched in the playoffs, it is a small batch review and won't reflect what a team thinks of him if he tries to sign somewhere else long term for a whole lot more money.  It's just my gut talking, and that's it."

And so now we learn that he IS staying, and that's a good thing.  Writes the New York Times:

"How much would a pitcher in his prime who was an ace in the playoffs but who has a slightly torn elbow ligament be worth on the open market?

Chang W. Lee/The New York Times
Masahiro Tanaka decided not to find out, announcing Friday night that he would forgo the opt-out clause in his contract and remain with the Yankees for the final three years and $67 million on his contract.

'It was a simple decision for me as I have truly enjoyed the past four years playing for this organization and for the wonderful fans of New York,' Tanaka, who turned 29 on Wednesday, said in a statement."

And that helps out Cashman wonderfully because he won't have to worry about extra body to pursue in the starting rotation.

Who's next? Todd Frazier? Otani? Sabathia? I'm just throwing names out... Yanks will soon be looking to upgrade and resign.

I'm glad Tanaka's sticking around.  Maybe we'll start to see that pitcher we saw in the playoffs.  Pure dominance.

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