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67 million.  That's what Masahiro Tanaka opted in for as he signed a three-year contract with the Yankees.  Yet experts say that he could have cleaned up this winter landing more than 100 million, ranking fifth on the free agent pitcher's list.

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According to SB Nation, "Tanaka would have entered free agency as a 29-year-old with a career 118 ERA+. Two off seasons ago, Jordan Zimmermann entered free agency at 30, with the same career ERA+, and earned $110 million." 

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Back in early November, Tanaka stated that he wished to stay with the Yankees and not test out the free agency market.  "I have decided to stay with the Yankees for the next three seasons. It was a simple decision for me, as I have truly enjoyed the past four years playing for this organization and for the wonderful fans of New York," reported ESPN.

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Since Tanaka passed on his opt out, the Yankees are in a great position both financially and rotation-wise. In recent years, MLB has seen dozens of their players either exercise their opt outs requiring their former teams to search for a quality player, or they fail to utilize the option and stick their teams with a bad contract.  Tanaka truly showed how much he loves his New York team by opting in and not fishing for more in the marketplace.

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"Tanaka has been their best starter over the past three years, has not seen his elbow bark since 2014, and he now projects to be a quality front-line starter in the prime of his career for the next three years at a reasonable price," reported SB Nation.


With a Shohei Otani signing imminent and a CC re-signing probable as long as he agrees to a reduced price, the Yankees will be a force both in the bullpen and starting rotation, something we have not had in a while.  Kudos to Tanaka for not getting greedy like the countless other players who place money ahead of team loyalty.  I for one am thankful for that.  And that he may help coerce Ohtani to come to NY.  Just sayin'...

--Suzie Pinstripe
BYB Managing Editor
Twitter: @suzieprof

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