Wednesday, November 15, 2017


Look, it's just nice to be in the running, right?

I didn't expect Sevy to WIN the Cy Young, but I was hoping he would.  Luis Severino finished 3rd in the running for Cy Young.  The winner? Corey Kluber.

Here's Newsday:

"Corey Kluber of the Cleveland Indians won the American League Cy Young Award on Wednesday night.

Luis Severino of the Yankees and Chris Sale of Boston were finalists. Voting was conducted by the Baseball Writers’ Association of America, based on regular-season performance. Kluber had 204 points, Sale had 126 and Severino had 73."

I think deep down we all thought Kluber had it in the bag, even though we finally got to him in the playoffs.  He's just more seasoned than Sevy. But no doubt, Severino kicked butt this season.

I tip my cap.

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