Tuesday, November 7, 2017


Photo: Newsday
I have to share this because the truth is I've been talking with Joey Moses since the day I met him and his old man Charles at Shula's steakhouse in New York City many years ago now.  Shula's restaurant is no longer there. Our friendship is.  The point is, we are pals, and I love the Moses family.

Now we all know that Aaron Judge is the poster boy for PlayStation 4's... The Show '18. But if you don't... here's that news item from a Playstation blog. That's right... give them some love:

"To add to his already massive resume, Judge has hit 52 home runs as a rookie, breaking legendary Mark McGwire’s MLB rookie record of 49; and also hit 33 home runs at Yankee Stadium, breaking the record of 32 set by legend Babe Ruth in 1921. This rookie is the living, breathing example of Road to the Show – create a player with massive stats and trek on to becoming a legend – which is why we are proud to announce him as the cover athlete for The Show 18."


I just got this note from Joey Moses... in Australia:

"It seems our boy has made the cover. Getting my copy as soon as it’s released. "

Damn I love technology.  Yes Joey, I'll be snagging my copy soon too.

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