Tuesday, November 14, 2017


I love this GIF. Anyway...

Derek Jeter would have better time trying to get that damn 'dolphin home run art work' out of the Marlins Park than he will trying to trade Giancarlo Stanton away from Miami.  That's because Stanton doesn't want to go anywhere else. 

Photo: USA Today
Stanton love Miami... (or sure, maybe the West Coast where he's from.) Hell, he changed his damn name from Mike to Giancarlo... It's part of the whole Miami vibe, Jeet! Everybody knows that!

Anyway... The Boston Herald writes:

Photo: ESPN
"Don’t expect Giancarlo Stanton to end up at Fenway Park next season.

While the Red Sox have been one of the teams most often linked to the massive Marlins slugger, there are too many roadblocks to consider them favorites for such a blockbuster trade.

One of those barriers is Stanton’s contract. Not only the $295 million he’s owed the next 10 years, but also the full no-trade clause that gives the right fielder total control of his ultimate destination.

A baseball source said yesterday that he’s been told Stanton will not accept a trade to either the Red Sox..."

First he can't remove that dolphin thing... then he pisses off Miami Nation firing the Marlins icons in the front office... now he can't trade away their star player because the star player won't... and in the process... word on the street is Miami fans HATE Jeter tinkering with what little they have.  Nice work, genius.  Business or not business... you aren't making too many friends.

Great start in Miami Mr. Jeter.  God love ya.

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