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I'm still grilling and it's the end of October.  I am loving the last few days of mild fall weather and my neighbor is yelling out to me about Joe Girardi and how it is a terrible loss for the Yankees.  "He's not relevant with this new group of kids, Tony!" I said to him over the barbecue heat.  But for many, like Tony, the Girardi decision is still surprising including to our former skipper himself.

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"It was fairly quick," Girardi said. "Brian told me as an organization they had decided to go in a different direction. We talked for a few minutes and we talked later on for a little bit longer. For me, there was disappointment because I kind of wanted to finish what we had started this year. And I was looking forward to the growth of the organization, the young players, the more young players with the veterans we had," reported ESPN onTuesday.

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But many from within the organization and within the fan base say that Girardi slowly became irrelevant to the organic nature of the game, playing the numbers too much and over analyzing the game's statistics.

 "I believe numbers tell a story. But numbers tell the exact story every day. They tell the story every time. Sometimes, you have to make adjustments," (said Girardi). Perhaps that’s where a disconnect between Girardi and the front office stemmed from," reported the NY Post.

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What's next for our former skipper of 10 years, a record of 910-710 and the third-longest-tenured active manager in the major leagues before being fired by the Yankees?  "What happened with the Yankees and Girardi is still not entirely clear. Girardi, speaking to The Athletic in his first interview since his departure, made it clear that he wanted to continue managing the club, and left no doubt that he wants to manage again, though he would consider returning to television or joining the commissioner’s office in the interim," reported Ken Rosenthal for The Athletic.

Now we wait to see who the next manager will be- another impending surprise. I am guessing our new dugout leader will be a younger version of Girardi, who can relate better to the growing young team of players who are racing toward #28.

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