Monday, November 13, 2017


I love Mad magazine. Sorry, couldn't resist.

It's nuts the hear all the names that the Yankees are thinking about bringing in for manager. I'm waiting for Earl Weaver to be called.  Oh wait... he's dead.

Bob Melvin is the latest victim.  Hardball Talk has that:

"...the Yankees asked the Athletics for permission to interview skipper Bob Melvin, but the A’s denied them.

Melvin, 56, signed an extension with the Athletics at the end of September that will keep him in Oakland through 2019. Since being named interim manager in the middle of the 2011 season, Melvin has led the A’s to a 537-534 (.501) regular season record and three postseason appearances."

I like Bob, but I don't think he'd fit in New York.  And the A's think so too.  Apparently the Yanks were denied permission to chat with him. Read HERE.

I guess we just add him to the list.  He's right there with Eric Wedge for me.  Hey, Art Howe around? Call him... could add to the comedy.

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