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Just because you can run, doesn't mean you can run a marathon.  Just because you can cook, doesn't mean you can be an Iron Chef.  And just because you can play baseball, doesn't mean you can manage a team.  I could end this piece right here.  And many of you would say, "Yea, Suzie, you're right."  But I won't.  I will give you more because although I admire Carlos Beltran and wish him good luck on his interview with the most celebrated franchise in the history of sports, he is just not ready to manage the New York Yankees.


"It was in the later part of his career that Beltran — whose instincts and baseball I.Q. have been long lauded — evolved into a leadership role on various teams. He counseled younger teammates, especially Spanish-speaking ones, in his stints with the St. Louis Cardinals, the Yankees, the Texas Rangers and, finally, the Astros, where he became a confidant of the team’s young star shortstop, Carlos Correa, who, like Beltran, is from Puerto Rico," reported the NY Times on Tuesday.  I believe in his ability to mentor a player or two.  Even his presence in the locker room makes a difference around rookies and recall that he asked to have his locker placed next to our Rookie of Year, Aaron Judge, when he came up from Scranton back in 2016.  But he's not a manager, yet.

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"General manager Brian Cashman considers Beltran a friend and has mentioned that the past two Yankees managers, Joe Girardi and Joe Torre, basically went from playing to managing," reported ESPN.  Just because you are a friend of Cashman, doesn't mean you can manage the Yankees.  This is just ridiculous.  We are the Yankees.  Get your rookie managing career started at a small franchise team and work your way up.  Just like news anchors.  Just like doctors.  Just like Steve Jobs.  Make your path, build your legacy- just not here, not now.

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I do know he has an interest there,” Cashman said. “He’s played the game a long time, he knows the game inside and out, he’s got the respect of his peers. He brings a lot to the table," reported the Times.

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As I said, I wish Beltran well and a good interview later today.  But this is not meant to be for 2018, at least not here in New York.  Build your resume somewhere else, Carlos.  New York does not need a rookie manager to manage a predominantly rookie team.

--Suzie Pinstripe
BYB Managing Editor
Twitter: @suzieprof

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