Monday, November 13, 2017


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Carlos Beltran wanted to win a ring, and he finally did with the Houston Astros.  And now... he's retiring.

Good for him.  The New York Times have this...

"After 20 seasons as one of the most distinguished and respected players in baseball, and six previous trips to the playoffs, the 40-year-old Beltran was — finally — a champion.

'It’s a blessing,' he said at the time.

Even though Beltran said he would talk to his family about whether he would play one more season, his calm and contented demeanor in a raucous Astros celebration offered a telling clue that he probably wouldn’t. On Monday, Beltran confirmed his decision by revealing his retirement in an essay posted on The Players’ Tribune."

Photo: Getty Images
I was never a big Beltran fan in all his years in the major leagues, UNTIL he became a New York Yankee. By the time he got there, he was a few years removed from his monster contract with the Mets, been to the post season a few times and he looked like a mature ballplayer, helping the younger guys... smiling a bit.  He seemed like he was finally home.  When he went to the Astros, I was surprised, but it made sense.  And you know what? That team was unstoppable... and you could almost tell they were gonna win the whole damn thing in April this year.  And hell... they did.

Good for Beltran.  Now comes word that he'd be open to interviewing for the Yankees managerial gig.  Now look, I'm just not sure about that yet.  But we'll see. Another post for another time.

For now... congrats to Carlos and job well done!

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