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The Oriole fans wouldn't want this, and neither would Yankee fans, and so I understand this is a story from  that is click bait, but I have to report it because it is so utterly outrageous... and hell, it could even work for both teams, but why. WHY WOULD THIS EVEN BE CONSIDERED? Don't know what I mean? Read this...

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"If an idea from ex-Mets general manager Jim Duquette comes to fruition, Yankees general manager Brian Cashman could be faced with a huge dilemma: Cash in a building block to land one of baseball's best players now or wait a year until free agency to try to have the best of both worlds.

Source: Patrick Smith/Getty Images North America
In a piece for on Black Friday deals that are waiting to happen, Duquette opined on the idea of the Baltimore Orioles shipping away third baseman Manny Machado one year before his date with free agency.

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Duquette's hypothetical asking price from the Yankees: Top prospect Gleyber Torres. Here's what he wrote. Trading Machado within the division to New York would be a tough sell to the O's fan base, but the Yankees are a perfect fit for Machado, given that they don't have a long-term solution at the hot corner and will likely be a front-runner for his services next year when he hits free agency. If the Yanks would part with shortstop Gleyber Torres, the No. 1 prospect in the game who is coming off Tommy John surgery, that would make it enticing for the Orioles. Both sides would be equally uncomfortable in a deal like that, which usually means it makes plenty of sense."

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Now Duquette's the man. Everyone knows this and he makes it clear at the end that it's a tough one for both teams.  But ultimately, the Yankees would need to be smart about this.  Keep Torres.  That's obvious, right? Then, when Machado is a free agent, the Yankees obviously roll the dice and see if they can land him.  And hey, they may not be able to, but the Yankees are good, and should be by the time Machado is a free agent.  And so, would it really be earth shattering if we didn't land him at free agency? No. But I keep going back to this important part of that portion of

"Cashman could be faced with a huge dilemma: Cash in a building block to land one of baseball's best players now..."

Quite simply... why get rid of Torres for Machado now? Who messes with a division rival now when we really don't have to? And so it goes back to my headline. You wanna see the head's explode from Yankee fans and Oriole fans alike over this hinting of a trade of Torres for Machado?

You're about to. But wait... take a deep breath for a second. Step back... realize this is speculation on a quiet sports news week and realize that there is no real news out there except for Ohtani.

Now... you see what's happening here? It's a speculation piece. That's it. I don't see this happening at all. But damn it sure did give me a heart attack.

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