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Jack Curry called out Joe Girardi Thursday night in the YES post game when the Yankees Sonny Gray and the bullpen gave away the game to the Tampa Bay Rays in an ugly loss and the kiss of death for the AL East.  He said, as I paraphrase, "If Girardi was truly going after the Red Sox and the Division why didn't he give the ball to Chad Green, who was available for this night's game."  I agree as Girardi caved with another ridiculous comment after the pitiful loss to the Rays.


“It’s frustrating, because we had a chance to pick up a game,” Yankees manager Joe Girardi said.
“It just wasn’t meant to be tonight,” he said according to Fox Sports. We could have caught the Red Sox.  We could have done what was unexpected.  We didn't.  As for the Red Sox, they never gave up as we breathed down their backs for weeks.

Source: The Yawkey Way Report

This "not gunna give up attitude" "has led to an AL East title. If it results in a deeper run through October, the Red Sox can give some credit to the Yankees for giving them the push they might have needed to keep them sharp down the stretch," reported Fox Sports

So the unintended consequences of pushing hard but falling short?  We made the Red Sox stronger and this idea makes me sick.  

According to ESPN, "The Yanks pushed the Sox all season long. They won 11 of 19 head-to-head matchups, and since their last meeting, way back on Sept. 3, New York went 17-7, forcing Boston to keep its foot on the gas right up until the final series of the regular season."

So whatever doesn't kill us will make "our opponents" stronger is the new axiom for me to contemplate as we head into a Tuesday night one game Wild Card at Yankee Stadium.  Let's win, pick up our pride and move on to play another series.  Until we meet again, Red Sox.

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