Wednesday, October 18, 2017


Strike up the band! We beat Dallas Keuchel.
I needed to tweet that... I was so psyched tonight!

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When everything clicks, it's pretty incredible to be a Yankee fan. I saw a team tonight that truly loves playing with each other, and loves playing in the Bronx!   Seeing Chase Headley break out of his slump tonight was wild!

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Watching Sanchez , Bird and Judge mature before our eyes is true magic.   And then there was Masahiro Tanaka...

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What can I say? Tanaka was dominant. He's the Tanaka the Yankees and Yankee fans have been waiting for since we signed him.  He's unstoppable. He's a monster.
He is truly confident and without fear.  Combine that with that bullpen and our amazing offense lately and that is a recipe for greatness.

I am telling you this.  I was excited in 2009... but right now... I'M VERY EXCITED.

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Winning 3 in a row was something I wasn't sure was capable when we left Houston a few days ago.  Now we're up 3 games to 2 and we're headed back to Houston with our best pitcher in Luis Severino.

It won't be easy in Game 6.  Playing against Justin Verlander is no easy task.  Last outing against us he was great.  AND... we were in Houston.  Keep that in mind... while we have momentum, and believe me... we have it, Verlander has Houston and those fans are solid.

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But we can do it, we're the Yankees. 

I know we can... I believe we can.  It's some of the best baseball I have seen this team play all year long.  They have bonded... they like each other. Hell... I think one of the big parts of this team is just having Todd Frazier around to keep the energy alive!  I venture to say I think I like him around more than I did Nick Swisher... and I know, I will get crucified for that, but there is something about Frazier that is a spark like nothing I've seen in that Yankee clubhouse in a long time. 

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He is loved by his teammates... and he loves being a New York Yankee and all it brings with it.  And I believe he's a big part of the clicking of the New York Yankees right now. He showed up... the Yankees started picking up the pace.  Now we're in the playoffs... one game away from the World Series... and there's confidence and a liveliness everywhere.

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We are the Yankee Click Machine right now.  We can do this folks. Names like Judge. Sanchez. Sabathia. Severino. DRob. Kahnle. Gardner....

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Didi. Chapman. Tanaka. and yes... Frazier.

We are the New York Yankees... I can't wait for Game 6.

I leave you with 3 great fans... and 3 fun nuggets to keep you entertained...

The first comes from one of our BYB Hub sites... Krusty Sox Sports... bashing the most horrible anti-Yankee broadcaster out there... Joe Buck. Read Listen to how depressed Joe Buck is after Masahiro Tanaka strikes out a hitter to get out of a jam.

The next nugget comes from @CANiPETTITTE who dresses her dog in #BYB for good luck.
Damn I love this so much!

And finally, this is an email I got from my brother from another mother...

Yankee and BYB fanatic... from Australia, Joey Moses...

"The last time we went undefeated at home in the playoffs, we won the World Series. Let's bring the trophy home. One more win! #BleedingYankeeBlue"

Nailed it, brother!


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