Friday, October 6, 2017


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Trevor Bauer was good.  No... Trevor Bauer was great!

The Yankees just didn't have a clue on how to hit him last night and poor Sonny Gray can never get run support.  I can't believe it.  My 15 year old said to me early in the day,

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"If Gray gets no run support like always, the Yanks can't win this game, and after Kluber on Friday night, you can pretty much kiss the Yankees Playoffs goodbye."

While we haven't faced Kluber yet tonight... it's my belief that my 15 year old needs to be a baseball commentator somewhere.  He's that good, that smart and worthy of a gig somewhere.

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Me? I just assumed the Yankee bats would come alive based on adrenaline and at least fight back against the Indians.  But playing in Cleveland is never easy... and winning against the Indians is sometimes impossible.

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I really don't have much to say about last night other than we gotta move forward and go hard tonight.  CC Sabathia is a veteran pitcher and no question has found his groove this season to be one of the better, more dependable pitchers on the Yankee staff.  But Corey Kluber is a monster too, and playing in Cleveland, there is no question the fans there will try to get into the older, former Indian pitcher's head.  CC knows this... but CC is a gamer, and I hope he can right the ship for the Yankees tonight.

The Yankee bats have to work.  Look, Jeana Bellezza, one of BYB's managing editors had a super comprehensive piece yesterday detailing how the Yankees could win this series.  One of which was the bats and arms...

Oct. 4, 2017 - Source: Jason Miller/Getty Images North America
"The bullpen is going to be a difference maker here... The reliable Dellin Betances will need to show up and be effective...

The Yankees will need Judge, Gary Sanchez and Didi Gregorius to set the tone and stay hot at the top of the order like the did against the Twins. The rest of the lineup will need to keep the hits going."

Sure, it seems so simple, but it's damn true. They HAVE to hit! They HAVE to pitch well.  The Indians really don't make many mistakes.

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And so, it's Sabathia vs. Kluber at 5pm today. 

It's an intense series already, but wouldn't it be a hoot if the Yankees could find a way to dominate Kluber, because ultimately, that is the hardest obstacle to climb in Cleveland. The Indians play best behind solid pitching, but if we are able to cut the head off the snake, maybe that puts the Tribe on their heels... and maybe the Yankees confidence will surface.

It is a tough challenge, but the Yankees aren't here because they were a bad team... they are not! They are solid and they have the tools to pull through.  Ultimately though, they need to dig deep and get the job done.  This is the playoffs... we're not playing the Mets here... this is important.

Go Yanks! Do the job! Grind.

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