Saturday, October 7, 2017


Tough game.  Tough, tough, tough game. 

And let's not forget that CC Sabathia was outstanding!  Let's not forget that Aaron Hicks and Greg Bird really helped catapult the Yankees toward a huge victory in Cleveland where Corey Kluber suddenly struggled and the Yankees were on their way.  For years to come, I will never truly understand what happened last night... only to tell you that baseball is a complex and sometimes challenging game, and if you get soft, if you are slow to the draw of protecting your team at all costs... you will get past by. That, my friends is what happened last night.  That is the reason the Yankees lost to the Indians.  Sure go have Girardi's head, and yes, he deserves that.  But the Indians are just damn good.  What can you say about that?  It's not easy.

Thomas Ondrey, The Plain Dealer
I tweeted it last night.  In fact, I tweeted a lot of things.  The game was so insane, I couldn't help myself. But Twitter is a dangerous place, filled with hate and uncertainty and when things go bad for your team, the nastiness comes out.  I tried to keep it cool. I tried to at least explain that you don't know what could have happened if Girardi DID challenge that Hit By Pitch, because the Indians are such a dominant force, it may not have even mattered.

I wrote that after Green gave up the Grand Slam.  Now the world was screaming at Girardi and he not reviewing the Hit by Pitch... by my point was merely to say... that ship has sailed, whatever we have out there, we gotta deal with and Green was it. 

There was no reason to not use Green there... and sure, there WAS reason to challenge the HBP, but quite simply, we didn't.  So... you play baseball.
And then you have the fans, the true die-hards that want the moment back and want to change it in their minds.  "If only we..." or "We should have..."

Look, as you can see from my tweet... you can't go back.  Move Forward!  Sure I hated it.  I hated when Ronald Torreyes got picked off second! I hated when Jay Bruce tied it up!

I hated to see Dellin Betances give up the winning run last night.  I hate all of it.  But let's be perfectly honest here... and pardon my mouth.... WHAT THE F ARE WE GONNA DO? QUIT? CALL AN EXTENDED TIME OUT? WHINE? WE LOST THE GAME!!!!!  IT'S OVER!

Here's the good news.  The Yankees are not finished.  Yes, we are close, but we're not out yet.  And sadly, we have been in this situation so many times before.  Maybe we learn something this time.  Maybe when we head back to Yankee Stadium, the tide turns.  Maybe Masahiro Tanaka pitches great and changes the whole momentum and the Yankees have a winning streak.  Maybe.  OR... maybe we don't...

I have been fascinated with the game of baseball since I was a little boy.  Match-ups, stats leading up to games, fandom... all of it is interested, and ultimately means nothing when it comes to a game.  We should have beaten the Red Sox back in 2004, but they beat us.  Mariano Rivera should have gotten Luis Gonzalez out in the 2001 World Series... but he didn't.  And last night, We should have beat the Indians 8-3... but guess what didn't happen.... we didn't win.

CC Sabathia deserves better, but he's already moved on.  Aaron Hicks deserves better, but he's looking toward the next game.  Ronald Torreyes has already apologized to Todd Frazier for getting picked off, and they collectively are ready for the next big game.  The point is... loss sometimes happens... but as a team, you grind, and you move forward.

I have learned so much watching my 15 year old grow up in a world of baseball.  He learned to play as a team.  He learned to never be selfish and he learned that teamwork, no matter what is ultimately the most important thing in this game.  If you have a bond like the Yankees do, you may lose, but you will not go quietly.

The Yankees have a major shot here, and they CAN do it against a very good team.  Let's support it, and stop complaining about what Joe Girardi didn't do.

Go Yanks! Let's do this...

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